Sunshine Laughter Love

By: catherineross

Aug 12 2011

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Good Morning Dear Friends!! May your heart and soul be filled with sunshine, laughter and love!! That's the message I get from sunflowers...truly an all time favorite of mine!


6 comments on “Sunshine Laughter Love”

  1. What great color and textures Cathy. Love it!

  2. I love the way sunflowers
    talk to the sun
    worshiping it
    all day long

    I came across a field of them
    they stopped me in my tracks
    I stood by the side of the road
    and watched them
    watch the sun

    I drive by the rolling field
    many times since then
    but alas the farmer
    has never planted
    such a beautiful painting since

    no camera did I have
    except my minds eye
    and every time I see one
    it takes me back to that sea
    of sunflowers
    who never noticed me :~)

  3. Very unique! Awesome photograph of these beautiful flowers! Cool angle. Terrific detail and colors. A wonderful, positive post!

  4. Oh my goodness Cathy…this is just gorgeous! Love the angle, the colors, and the textures!

  5. Nice capture and Processing… thanks for the add and mention!

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