Be Jammin’

By: catherineross

Jul 18 2011

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Sorry Friends...this post is meant for my UrbanGritt blog! Hop on over if you haven't already! 🙂 These guys are Great!! They've been playing at the market for several weeks straight now. The vibration of the drums seems to break through the heat and humidity. Oh how I love this place! Have a wonderful day Friends!


2 comments on “Be Jammin’”

  1. Wonderful shot in any case…whichever blog it belongs to – and I’ll just have to sign up for that one too since I don’t like cities perhaps I can appreciate their interesting side through your photos Cathy – thanks…

    • Thanks Barbara! I’ve been doing my UrbanGritt series to try and display Detroit in a more positive light. Truth be told, I’m a country girl at heart. I love mountains, streams, wild flowers, fresh air. But there’s a little city girl in me too that loves the excitement of downtown hustle bustle in moderation. Hope you get a chance to visit UrbanGritt. Lately I’ve been enjoying photographing the people I meet there. There are some awesome folks in the “D”

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