Remnants of Roses

By: catherineross

Jul 17 2011

Category: Uncategorized


This is another image from the house down the street where no one lives but the perennials and weeds. I might ad that a service comes to mow the lawn, but the gardens are filled with prickly thistle and overgrown rose bushes. I love the remnants that roses leave on their stem once they've bloomed. Have a great day Friends!


7 comments on “Remnants of Roses”

  1. Beautifully done. Love how there is detail, but also softness!

  2. There’s something poignant about a forgotten garden, similarly with the rosehips no one cut to allow for more blooms. Beautiful sensitive shot Cathy – love it…

  3. Ever so lovely, Cathy! As I have expressed before, your photographs evoke feelings. Which to me is a sign of an outstanding photographer. Beautiful work, as always!

  4. Beautiful! I think it looks like it wants to grow into an apple! Your images always leave a smile here!

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