Contemplating Orchid

By: catherineross

Jul 12 2011

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We have an orchid vendor at the market and year round his amazing selection or orchids bloom and bring rainbows of joy to everyone! I got up close behind the scene on this one. Have a Wonderful Day Friends!


8 comments on “Contemplating Orchid”

  1. Orchids are amazing – love this shot – reminds me of the glorious one in my great room – it had 46 blooms on it until about two months ago when it produced 7 more buds most of which have bloomed as the old ones fade…. it is the same colour as the lovely flower in this photo… nice angle Cathy. And thank you for your good wishes for a great day.

    • Thanks Barbara! Orchids are one of my favorite year round flowers. I usually have one in my kitchen throughout most of the winter. They bring joy and color for many weeks. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying yours!

  2. Awesome shot. Orchids are fun to photo because of the wide variety. Quite creative shooting this on in the manner you did. Nice!

  3. Ahh Cathy…I love your from the back shots!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Great shot Cathy – I wouldn’t have thought to shoot a bloom from its back!

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