On The Fence

By: catherineross

Jul 07 2011

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Last night was another gorgeous evening. I took a walk around the neighborhood just as the sun was setting and casting a luminous golden glow on everything. I love white picket fences, especially when they have roses growing on them. This one reminds me of Cape Cod charm. I did all the processing right on my iphone....the camera rocks! Have a great day friends!


10 comments on “On The Fence”

  1. Amazing shot Cathy. Surprising the shots you can get with the iphone, but I guess that’s because you are a great photographer. Cheers.


  2. magical Cathy, and ethereal

  3. Beautiful image Cathy love the vintage look and feel!

  4. Oh my! I can’t believe you processed this wonderful image on your phone … awesome! I love to take a walk around our neighborhood and take photographs. There is always something interesting to shoot.

    • Thanks Julie! I’m just loving this new iphone…I’m amazed at how robust the camera is! I’m discovering that there are many professional iphoneographers out there who do some amazing work with their iphones. It’s perfect for taking on walks 🙂

  5. What an absolutely wonderful shot. Beautiful composition and the golden glow on the fence is lovely. Another “great” photo from you. Mickie 🙂

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