Idyllic Retreat

By: catherineross

Jun 06 2011

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A dear friend of mine has a lovely cottage on Harsen's Island in Michigan. The energy is serene, peaceful and energizing all at the same time. This view across the channel always evokes a sense of calm in me. Have a wonderful day!


8 comments on “Idyllic Retreat”

  1. Fabulous – love the tree, love the cabin in the distance and the calm water… what a beautiful retreat that is!

  2. It’s calming to me, too! What a lovely scene. You captured it so beautifully, Cathy! Very serene.

  3. Wow! That’s an awesome view. I could deal with that every day. 🙂

    • Thanks Bonnie…you would love it at the cottage! I could live there all summer! It belongs to my friend Kathy and she has a real knack for making friends feel welcome and both the landscape and cottage are homey and inviting!

  4. Holy SMOKES, Cathy, this is just wonderful! I love the crisp details and textures in this photograph, how wonderful. I can actually feel the stress of the day disappearing here as I sip my imaginary glass of whiskey by the shore, looking over the water towards that cabin… GREAT image!

    • Awww, thanks Toad! I love the look you achieve in your landscapes and I was trying to achieve the same look! It’s quite a lovely place on the water…we were drinking Margueritas on the dock all afternoon! 🙂

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