Partial To Peonies

By: catherineross

Jun 04 2011

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Oh How I Love This Time Of The Year!!


6 comments on “Partial To Peonies”

  1. Another gorgeous shot! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog yesterday. I agree 100%! We’re not that far from the “D” here in N KY so maybe we can make it happen one day!

    • Come visit anytime! I would love to get together one day! Maybe we could plan to meet somewhere half way. Do you follow Janet Hug on twitter? Janet loves road trips 🙂 We could arrange a photo tweet up!

  2. Beautiful, sensitive shot – how super is that! And yes spring is a marvel… love peonies, this photograph could be of one of my bushes… but then you’re not here to take it, and I couldn’t possibly compete with your skills…. so I’ll just enjoy and savour.

    Lovely Cathy.

    • Thanks Barbara! You are so kind! These belong to my friend Corine who lives next door to me. They are so beautiful and are growing just on the other side of my fence so it’s a real treat when they are in bloom 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!

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