A Very Special Day

By: catherineross

May 08 2011

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Today is a very special day for me. Not only is it Mother's day, it's also graduation day for my oldest daughter, Brooke, who's graduating from Michigan State (GO GREEN!!!!) with two full degrees: one in Athletic Training and the other in Exercise Science. She also passed her athletic training exam so she's a certified athletic trainer! What a great Mother's Day Gift! I raised my daughters as a single mom from the time they were five and seven. Where have the years gone? Brooke is the one responsible for my baseball addiction. We go to alot of games together. Here she is wearing my birthday present, a new baseball glove! One day...we're going to catch a ball in the stands. Anyway, here's to you Brooke...you're AWESOME and I LOVE YOU!! Happy Mother's Day!!


4 comments on “A Very Special Day”

  1. Great accomplishments Brooke! Well done! And great accomplishments Cathy! Wonderful tribute to Brooke, and to your efforts Cathy! You’re obviously an amazing Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. That’s fantastic Cathy! Congratulations Brooke! Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

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