New Rainbows Everyday

By: catherineross

Mar 25 2011

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Wishing you a day filled with Rainbow Wishes! The vendor at the market who carries the rainbow roses also carries this variety of rainbow flowers! The colors in these bouquets makes my heart sing! Spring is really dragging it's feet making it's way to Michigan so I'll take cheer anywhere it comes from! Have a wonderful day All 🙂


7 comments on “New Rainbows Everyday”

  1. Wishing you Rainbow wishes as well my friend! Lovely image!

  2. Thanks for the rainbow wishes – back atcha! what a lovely thing to offer.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Rainbow wishes back to you my friend!

  4. A most bright, beautiful way to start the day! This photograph evokes great feelings of happiness. Awesome image!

  5. upon opening my eyes
    the surprize this brings
    makes me smile
    and my heart sing

    oh yes winter has been long…and I guess you too where just dumped on again
    but we know spring will fight.. and winter will loose.. I feel the strength in the sun today ! thank you for this sunshine today

  6. Can I just say wow and call it a day. You amaze me every single time!

  7. Hi Cathy, This one should win some kind of award for ultimate color presentation. Just amazing. Your photography is special. Many thanks for sharing it. John

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