Vibrant And Alive

By: catherineross

Feb 06 2011

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6 comments on “Vibrant And Alive”

  1. What interests me is the way you take the same image, and use it or bits of it and make entirely new portraits of your view of the world. Very impressive. Wonderful that you share these, and I hope they bring in tons of business for you Catherine. You deserve it.

  2. Vibrant and preparing to explode into its own gorgeous self!! Perfect picture for me today. Thanks, Cathy!

  3. This is stunning! I absolutely love the lighting!

  4. A most perfefct title for this fantastic image! The flower looks like it is illuminated from the inside. Magical! Beautiful photograph, as always!

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  6. The lighting on this is something special Cathy, you took this shot to another level with that!

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