The Pink Baron

By: catherineross

Jan 22 2011

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7 comments on “The Pink Baron”

  1. Gorgeous shot, love the contrast of the black background. It really makes the flower pop!

  2. Cathy, Such a beauty! The composition is just wonderful.

  3. Lovely – and I love too the way you take the flowers you get and photograph all the stages and tell stories with your titles… not just clever, but inspired and inspiring.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Where do you keep finding these beauties in the middle of winter?

    • Thanks Bonnie! I get flowers from the florist or grocery store and then photograph them in my dining room where the natural light is pretty good or against a piece of black velvet for a more dramatic effect. It’s not the same as photographing outdoors…but it’s fine in the winter! 🙂

  5. Hmm…I noticed someone else who used a posterboard (for lack of technical term) with different colored papers on it to create her backgrounds. I must try this! You always inspire me Cathy. I’m so thankful for you and your blogs!

    • I have tried poster board but the matte black velvet is my preference as it absorbs light and flash and I think brings out the dramatic beauty in the flowers. I prefer outdoors and natural light, but in the winter, I enjoy the ability to really focus on the petals and form of individual flowers. I also enjoying poking around florist shops looking for single exotic flowers.

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