Flames Of Celebration

By: catherineross

Jan 22 2011

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10 comments on “Flames Of Celebration”

  1. Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

  2. That is just remarkable!

  3. WOW! This is a marvelous image! The colors and intricacy are outstanding! Fantastic detail. The title can’t be beat. One of my favorites, Cathy! I’m curious as to what the name of this magiacal flower is …

    • Thanks so much Julie! My eyes popped when I saw this flower at the florist. It’s a Pincushion Protea imported from the Western Cape of South Africa. The florist called it a ribbon flower. The depth and character of this bloom is amazing. I have more photos to post…it’s incredibly photogenic! 🙂

  4. That is groovy! Fabulous detail you captured.

  5. This flower has so many different components and captured so awesomely. Your title is once again so perfect. Look forward to more post of this flower.

  6. WHAT IS THAT!?!?! It is STUNNING! That is just a wow shot!

  7. Boy oh boy – gotta be one of your best – looking forward to all you can do with such an amazing flower and thanks for the name…will look for it in my local florist, not likely in these backwoods areas to find it though – will have to dream through your eyes.

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